Donate to make a difference - Entertainment systems

In the vibrant discussions of our recent Visionary meeting, the 2024 KAOC Committee and Visionaries delved into the imperative of acquiring a top-tier entertainment system to enrich our cultural program experience. However, to bring this vision to fruition, your invaluable support is indispensable.

We have collected so far 

We need your continued support to reach our goal.

Specifications of the system

Systems Model Cost
Speaker QSC KW153 $5,000.00
Stage Box Midas DL32 32-input / 16-output Stage Box $1,600.00
Mixer Midas M32$ LLIVE 40-Channel Digital Mixer $2,800.00
Mics Phenyx Pro Microphone System +Shure or Sennheiser $1,800.00
Lights Enhanced stage lights $800.00
Short Throw Projector Epson – EpicVision Ultra LS800 4K PRO-UHD $3,000.00
2023 Allocation (5,000.00)
Total Required $10,000.00


Advantages of purchasing our own entertainment systems.


Enhanced Event Experiences

Tailored settings for the event

Long Term Savings

Independent of rental availability

Adapt easily to diverse venues and occasions

Familiarity with your gear speeds up setup and teardown.

Eliminate additional Rental cost for the programs like music night.

*This donation qualifies for tax exemption under the 501(c)(3) regulation and Corporate matching programs.*
Thank you for your support and commitment, your contributions will be greatly appreciated. If you did a matching donation through your company, please update the form here: Click Here!