2024 Sports Calender

At the heart of KAOC (Kerala Association of Colorado) lies a commitment not only to preserve our rich cultural heritage and promote artistic talents but also to actively support and engage in sports activities. Embracing a holistic approach to community involvement, we are excited to present our upcoming lineup of sports events for the year. Join us in fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition within our community, as we embark on a journey that celebrates both cultural vibrancy and athletic spirit.

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KAOC Member Non Member
Sports Events Event Leads Schedule Rules Waiver Registration
Chess Subhish & Geo Mar 9 Rules Waiver Event expired
Carroms Kristin & Sanju Apr 7 Rules Waiver Event expired
Badminton Subhish & Geo Apr 20,21 Rules Waiver Event expired
Table Tennis Kristin & Sanju May 11 Rules Waiver Click here
Tennis Jens & Subhish Aug 9,10,11
6’s Cricket Kristin & Geo Aug 24,25,31, Sep 1
7’s Soccer Sanju & Jens Sep 21,22
Sports Fest TBA Oct 26,27
Volley Ball & Throw Ball Subhish & Geo Nov 9,10
Pickle Ball Sanju & Jens Nov 23

Schedule Last Updated On: 28 January 2024

*KAOC reserves the right to cancel/reschedule the Event for any reason (including, not limited to – number of participants, availability of court/playground, availability of resources). The Organizer shall notify participants/Sponsors of the cancellation once schedule is finalized.