About Kerala

Kerala is a state in India, nestled in the country’s southwestern corner, where people speak Malayalam. Kerala is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of natural beauty,  heritage, rich culture, and societal advancement. Nestled along the azure Arabian Sea, Kerala boasts a picturesque coastline with coconut trees and pristine beaches. Known as the “God’s Own Country,” Kerala’s landscape is a symphony of emerald-green backwaters, misty hills carpeted in tea gardens, and lush rainforests teeming with wildlife.

Kerala’s charm extends beyond its breathtaking scenery. Its vibrant culture is unique, blending ancient traditions harmoniously with modern progress. Kerala offers mesmerizing rhythms of traditional dance forms like Mohiniyattam & Kathakali with intricate facial expressions and vibrant costumes. Every corner of Kerala resonates with the echoes of its historical past, from both its traditional & colonial influences to its role as the spice trade hub that drew explorers worldwide.  Delectable flavors of Kerala cuisine, famed for using coconut, spices, and fresh seafood, provide an unforgivable culinary experience.

In this age of innovation, Kerala remains at the forefront, achieving milestones in healthcare, social welfare, and sustainable tourism. Boasting a population that embraces diversity, Kerala sets an example of inclusivity that exemplifies unity in diversity. The state’s responsible tourism initiatives have garnered international recognition for their focus on preserving local heritage and fostering meaningful interactions between visitors and the community.

To this end, KAOC conducts cultural events, facilitates various community engagement efforts and spearheads an ongoing stream of educational programs and workshops targeted to different sections of its membership.

About KAOC

Kerala Association of Colorado serves as a non-profit cultural and charitable organization of the Malayali diaspora in Colorado with goals of fostering community development, preserving and showcasing the language, literature and art forms from the state and raising awareness of Kerala’s – and India’s – cultural heritage among the population in Colorado and in the USA.

To this end, KAOC conducts cultural events, facilitates various community engagement efforts and spearheads an ongoing stream of educational programs and workshops targeted to different sections of its membership.


Mr. Antony Parimanath, known as Tony Sir who moved to the Denver area in the 1950s is the first known Malayali/Keralite in Colorado. He served at Loretto Heights college for 28 years as associate professor, academic dean & Vice president.
The Rocky Mountain Kairali Association was formed in 1976 at a park near Colorado Medical Center Sri. Antony Parimanathu, Teresa Parimanathu, Rajasimhan, Susheela, Kishor, Thomas John Esow, Vimala, John Varghese, Mariamma John, K.T.Zacharia, Thankamma Zacharia, K.T Mathew, Chinnamma Mathew, Thomas Daniel, Jain Daniel, Joseph Muckom, Omana Muckom, Gopi, Letha. Varghese Abraham, Mr. Thomas John Easow and Vimala performed a skit at the gathering and it was the first program performed in the history of the Colorado Malayalee Association. Yesudas Concert- 1982. In 1982 association members invited Yesudas for a classical concert in Denver Loretta Heights College auditorium. K.T. Zacharia (Kariachen) asked a well-known artist in Kochi to make a curtain with an emblem for Rocky Mountain Kairali Association. This curtain was shown at the back of the stage of Yesudas’s concert. Antony Parimanathu was a professor at Loretta Heights College and the association conducted its programs at the college auditorium. Since then most of the Onam and Christmas celebrated with potluck arranged by members.

charitable activities.


Promoting and fostering awareness of the cultural heritage of Kerala in Colorado through educational endeavors, social gatherings, and community service.


Extending financial and charitable assistance to individuals and organizations in need, including disaster relief efforts and emergency assistance within the United States and internationally.


Supporting and preserving the language, literature, and art of Kerala and India, particularly the Malayalam language.


Facilitating community development by implementing diverse programs and activities that contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Planned activities

Opportunities to middle and high schoolers

Provide opportunities to middle and high schoolers to nurture their leadership and organizing qualities.

Regular Sessions

Regular sessions to teach all age groups the Malayalam language.

Education and career support

Providing educational and career guidance to the younger Keralites in Colorado through seminars, workshops, and mentorship programs.

Cultural events

An annual array of cultural events that mark the festival calendar of the state including Onam and Christmas celebrations, as well as flagship events and festivals that provide a platform for showcasing Indian dance and music on the Colorado stage.

Community Engagement

Developing a sense of community and goodwill through blood donation drives, food drives and volunteering opportunities.

Networking opportunities

Hosting social events such as picnics and potlucks as well as an entire roster of individual and team sport events throughout the year